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Hi, I'm Jessica

In my grounded & peaceful presence,

I let myself be led by my powerful intuition.

With the tools I've encountered in my journey,

  • I can help you make sense of the overwhelming emotions that are weighing you down and help you release them.

  • I can help you get a clearer sense of who you are, whether you are clueless or need a refresher after being out of character for so long.

  • I can help you find your way out of fear & anxiety and back into peace, faith and trust. 

  • I can give you perspective from a spiritual point of view.

My Story



I was born and raised in the French countryside in an area famous for its wine and castles, the Loire Valley.

Even though France is my home, I have never felt like I belonged there. Growing up, I always yearned for a better life, an extraordinary life. I would often compare my simple coutryside life to the beautiful places and experiences portrayed in the movies.


The tragic loss of my father, who decided to take his own life when I was 14 certainly reinforced my alienation. As an angsty dreamy teenager with some form of depression, I was determined to break out of that and live the life of my dreams.

The Pursuit of Dreams


At awe with the American lifestyle, I became an exchange student and went to live in the US for a year and experience life as a typical American high school student. I got to experience many things, visit places I’ve always wanted to see, and make my dreams come true. 

Although still young, I learned that dreams can come true if you wish to pursue them

With actor Romann Berrux on the set of Outlander.

By age 19, I had another dream: to work in the film industry. To experience the magical world of TV and movies on a daily basis. And so, again, going against the status quo, I decided to move to London and study filmmaking instead of going to a regular university in France.


I ended up staying 5 years in the UK, while working in film and managed to realize many more dreams. I even got to work on the hit TV show Outlander for a couple of seasons, looking after the cast and ensuring they get ready on time to go to set, amongst other tasks.

With driver Davie & actor Sam Heughan on the set of Outlander.

Nikos Aliagas

With TV presenter Nikos Aliagas on the set of Star Wars 7

However, even though working in the film industry can feel magical at times, it isn't all sunshine and rainbows

and I didn’t see myself working in it on the long term.


In between seasons of Outlander, I was dedicated to supporting my then-partner with the building & running of a gelato business in the Isle of Man. And after two spring/summers, we were co-managing three locations & 15 staff.

This was a fun yet challenging period of my life.

And after supporting my partner with his dreams, I wanted to pursue my own dreams, whatever they may be.  

So here we go, even though I enjoyed my time in the UK, I found myself stuck with a thirst for more fulfillment and new horizons. So at 24, I found myself without a place to belong to, and without a dream.



The Quest for Meaning & Spiritual Awakening


However, as I was getting externally fulfilled, I had to look into being internally fulfilled. This quest led me to quit my job to pursue my dreams of being a life coach, and work heavily on personal development.


A few months later, I encountered spiritually-oriented people who turned out to be past life connections. The meeting of our souls, followed by a lot of deep soul healing, led to significant spiritual developments and my latent psychic powers started to develop quickly. I was already into reading cards etc, but this was next level. Visions, past life memories started to come up. Thankfully, I was deeply supported. Spiritual awakenings are quite heavy on the body!


This was also the time when I discovered the power of astrology, which is way beyond what you read in magazines. I call it "personality types on steroids". I would stay up all night learning, fascinated by the subject. It helped me learn more about myself and how to be my most authentic self.

That’s when I was introduced to Japan by my little brother. The beauty of the language was music to my ears, and so I decided to learn Japanese. This journey took me to live three and half years in Tokyo.

I ended up finding a great job coaching Japanese professionals in leadership, logic and communication skills, quickly rising to become the founder / CEO's right hand person and training other coaches. I even met a handsome, fun, French-speaking Japanese gentleman who would become my husband. 

The Saturn Return


In astrology, there is a concept called the "Saturn Return", that happens between ages 27-30. Saturn, the planet of authority, hard work and discipline, returns back to the place it was when we were born around that time and we can feel its effect for about 3 years. (It also happens around 60 and 90 years old)

The Saturn Return is a difficult yet rewarding period where the Universe tells you "Ok, it's time to be an adult now!". If you choose to take a hard look at your life, do the necessary work and leave behind what isn't aligned with you anymore (partner, job etc), congrats, your next 30 years will be fulfilling. But like I said, it isn't easy. And based on where Saturn is in your birth chart, it will affect you differently than others. 

The Need for Healing


The unconscious energies of the Saturn return and the spiritual developments forced me to face myself & life with the hard truth, which led me to decide to leave Japan and my husband. Surprisingly, my intuition was telling me to move back to France, even though I never pictured myself living in France again. 

Back in France, all of the energies of the angst, alienation and low self-worth from my teenage years came back to the surface. I was on a high in Japan, how did I get to such a low? I was also very nostalgic about my life in Japan. On top of that, I was living close to my grandfather who was in an hospice, living his last few months before passing away.


Thankfully, the Universe had a plan. I encountered a reiki healer and coach who had a deep connection with my grandfather. The coaching with her helped me gain insight into my ancestral blocks and develop more self-worth. She got me back to the surface, and I was ready to commit to my future.


Committing to a Better Life


That's when I decided to join Jennifer Partridge's EFT certification. I discovered tapping and Jen through Mindvalley and I had been amazed at its transformational power. It was definitely the best healing tool I had ever experienced and I dreamed of being able to share it with others.

Not only did the certification made me a tapping coach, it was also a very deep healing journey. Constant healing. Money blocks, relationship blocks, ancestral blocks, past-life blocks, old memories, limiting beliefs you name it! 

The Rewards


Over these 6 months, my life quantum leaped.

1) The friends I made through the course are deep soul connections. The support and love that I receive from these beautiful souls is immense, I am forever grateful and so honored to be supporting them in return. 

2) I have drastically improved my levels of self-compassion, self-love, self-worth and confidence. And as a result, my negative self-talk and self-criticism have also drastically reduced. 

3) I have uncovered a very significant past life, and after doing much needed healing on it, I am able to get the empowerment back and see how it's connected to my life mission in this life. 

4) My new friends also being intuitive / psychic, my psychic abilities and healing powers have also developed significantly. 

5) I am on the verge of reconnecting in this life with my twin flame, my other half. The union of such souls is hugely powerful, so I am excited to see what it will bring. 

Moving Forward


And now, I am finally ready to help others. It's been a journey, but I've come out the other side and trust that my experience and skills can bring valuable support, healing and transformation to those in need. 

I have experienced depression, low vibration, feeling limited and I have experienced the sweet honey of following your dreams & going after what you want. I hope to be an inspiration and guide to those who are ready to join me in this wonderful adventure.

Book a free discovery call with me

If you are interested in learning more and have an experience with me, let's connect.

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